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The Rector We Seek

The people of Grace-Calvary are eager for the leadership of a new Rector.  We have been challenged to focus on who we are as a Christian community.  This process called for and produced strong lay leadership.  At the same time, while we have been served by excellent supply and interim priests, we need the stability and guidance that only a full-time Rector can provide.   We do not expect a Rector to single-handedly address our challenges.  Rather, we look forward to a strong, effective partnership where each party is called to bring forth and use those gifts which reflect God’s will for Grace-Calvary.


Our Parish Profile is provided for a further glimpse into the heart of Grace-Calvary.  The Grace-Calvary family, as well as the Clarkesville community, is warm and welcoming. We invite you to consider the opportunity to experience a unique way of life in serving a historical church nestled in the foothills of the Northeast Georgia mountains.

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Those who are interested in the position of rector may use this link to apply:

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